EMIS Health

EMIS health provide healthcare systems solutions for both primary and secodary care. Their offering also includes: pharmacy, community and A&E.

EMIS currently hold the top two market positions in UK combined healthcare system markets.

Their records systems hold details of 12.6bn consultations, 1.3tn clinical events and interactions and 55bn clinical observations, giving a sense of scale of how vital EMIS systems are to clinicians across the UK.

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Defence Medical Information Capability Programme (DMICP)

EMIS PCS software was selected to be used as the healthcare management system across the entirety of the UK armed forces.

I was part of a team tasked with upgrading a primary healthcare system, which was originally designed for individual GP practices, to meet the demands of the UK armed forces. This would involve adding secondary care, dental modules and military specific components.

We worked alongside CGI to provide this solution.

UK military medics

This was probably one of my most rewarding projects and what I'd call a life changer. I was able to learn how a large scale project was managed and delivered while being central to this process.

The team pulled out all the stops to make sure software was delivered on time, to specification. We received praise from the MOD and gained important financial rewards for the organisation.