Vitality Insurance

Vitality is the world's largest behavioural platform linked to financial services, and forms the foundation for insurance and financial services organizations to access Vitality Shared-Value Insurance.

As a behavioural platform, Vitality leverages advanced technology to offer customers discounts based on their activity levels and performance. This is made possible through the provision of fitness and driving trackers to customers, which are seamlessly connected to Vitality's analysis platforms.

By promoting safe driving and physical fitness, Vitality rewards customers who demonstrate good driving habits or engage in regular physical activity. These rewards not only include reduced insurance premiums but also valuable benefits such as partner discounts and complimentary event tickets.


To support customer fitness and activity tracking, Vitality's member portal provides essential services in respect to points based activity reporting and status. The portal facilitates the constant customer engagement that drives Vitality's business.

In addition to reporting a customers performance and providing insights as to their insurance status, Memberzone also provides customers with links and updates about our partners and eligibility towards their rewards.


At Vitality I worked primarly on the partner and rewards side, managing customer interactions with Vitality partners.

Partner and Rewards

I have collaborated on various partner and rewards projects, including both fresh initiatives and modifications to existing rewards programs.

As part of this team, my primary role involved developing web applications to support our partners and the rewards they offered. This entailed collaborating with frontend developers, product owners, and system architects to transform their designs into fully functional web applications.

Amazon Prime

This project linked a customer's Amazon Prime membership to their Vitality account. As the customer earned activity points through their fitness tracker Vitality would cover the cost their amazon prime membership.

The resulting development incorporated dashboards and widgets with points breakdowns towards maintenance of the prime reward. Journeys also included initial registration and yearly renewal.

vitality amazon prime

Cinema Rewards

In being active and earning over a set number of activity points every fortnight, a customer could claim free cinema tickets at Vue and Odeon for their family

This was a rework of an existing reward with totally new terms and conditions.

The web app included a dashboard with a break down of points earned, points required and the ability to directly claim their cinema tickets.

vitality cinema reward

American Express

Earning activity points through their fitness tracker, a customer could claim cashback on their American Express card.

This web application interacted with back-end microservices to fetch data from our systems and American Express. The resulting data was presented, as a cashback breakdown, in a dashboard, for the user to interactive with.

The application would also facilitate registry with the reward and associated services.


This partnership with Waitrose was similar to American Express. By earning activity points, a customer could claim cashback on their monthly shopping spend at Waitrose.

Once a customer linked their Waitrose card to our systems, and permitted us to see their data, we would be given a regular feed of thier Waitrose purchases. On recieving this data we could process this alongside reward rules and calculate their eligible monthly cashback award.

The customer's Waitrose spend and our calculations, based on their activity levels would be displayed in a dasboard broken down into years, months and days.

The resulting web application, as with American Express, facilitate registry and service management.

In addition to partners and rewards projects, I've also worked on security infastructure projects, customer onboarding journeys and provided ongoing support to marketing.

Working for Vitality has been great experience. I've learnt a lot working with a large team of highly skilled engineers and architects across a broad range of technical languages and platforms.

In particular this experience has expected me to absorb new skills quickly and adapt to a fast paced, ever changing, environment.